What is Hideaway?

Hideaway is a Minecraft: Java Edition experience where players gather to socialize, express themselves, and explore the island on their very own online paradise vacation.

Players can enjoy daily resort activities, decorate their room, go on island adventures, and make new friends!

The goal of Hideaway is to provide players with a safe outlet to meet others and give them an opportunity to take part in an island resort experience as an alternative to real-world travel.

Hideaway also aims to encourage creative self-expression and foster a community welcoming of all kinds of players.

Make Friends!

As a premium destination, Hideaway is toured by guests from all over the world. Get to know your neighbors by throwing a party and make friends that will last a lifetime!

Play Games!

Feeling a little competitive? Head to the Arcade and try your hand at the wide variety of arcade games. Challenge your friends to beat your high score, and check the leaderboard to see where you’re ranked amongst the best guests of all time!

Express Yourself!

Personalize your look with our huge range of hats, accessories, and items to make you stand out! Dress up as your favorite fictional character or design matching outfits with your friends.

Decorate your Room!

Make yourself at home by designing your own unique room! Fill the space with all kinds of furniture, and flex your interior design skills by throwing a party or competing in a room contest!

Uncover Island Secrets!

Do you take yourself for a bit of a treasure hunter? Well, Hideaway has many secrets! Explore the island long enough and maybe you’ll uncover lost trinkets or stumble upon ancient ruins. Mysterious caves, hidden doors and many more mysteries await!

Participate in Resort Activities!

There’s no time to be bored on Hideaway! Fancy a bit of snorkeling along the tropical reef? How about a resort pool party, complete with a live band and poolside bar? Or maybe competing in a themed costume competition is more your style?