Hideaway Rules & Guidelines

All of us on the Hideaway team want you to enjoy your vacation in a fun and safe environment. We ask that you follow our rules and guidelines so that everybody can experience Hideaway as it was intended to be enjoyed.

Your Minecraft account is a representation of you! Remember that you are responsible for your behavior online and everyone is held to the below standards without exception. If a member of the Hideaway team contacts you about a rule violation, it’s important to respect their decision and make sure to follow their requests.

Hideaway is a casual social game and a place for people to make friends and have fun. Please make sure you understand and follow the rules and guidelines so that Hideaway is an enjoyable place for everyone!

Inappropriate Behavior

The way you behave in Hideaway can impact other people, which is why it’s important to be respectful, considerate, and avoid behavior that could be harmful to others. Examples of inappropriate behavior that is not allowed include:

1) Derogatory, discriminatory or generally offensive behavior

2) Harassment, abusive or threatening behavior

3) Discussion of sensitive topics including politics, self-harm or sexual content

4) Roleplaying content of a sexual, harmful or violent nature

5) Intentionally trying to avoid the chat filter

6) Spamming chat

7) Representing or displaying sensitive or inappropriate content as part of names, profile pictures, skins, bio, room decor, customizations or mail messages

8) Trolling or deliberately trying to ruin the game for others, including causing drama

9) Giving yourself an unfair advantage through any means

10) Using multiple accounts to give yourself an advantage over other players or to avoid punishment

11) Impersonation of any kind

12) Betting or excessive gambling via player-made methods

13) Scamming

14) Real life or real money trading

15) Abuse of the in-game player market

16) Doxxing or releasing private information of individuals

17) Advertising or external links

18) Asking for ranks or pestering staff

19) Spam or misuse of the ticket system

Hacking, Exploits & Third-party Clients

Modifications, third party clients, and exploiting unintentional bugs can give you an unfair advantage over others. Before you choose to do something that could negatively affect the way others enjoy Hideaway, we ask that you consider the below. Examples of exploits and modifications that are not allowed include:

20) Non-cosmetic software

21) Hacked clients

22) Duplicating items in any way

23) Auto-clicking, scripted bots or botting of any kind

24) Abusing glitches, vanilla Minecraft exploits or clearly unintentional bugs within the game